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A1. Edamame                                                                                                                                  4.00

Steamed Japanese soybean, topped with kosher salt


A2. Chili Garlic Edamame                                                                                                              6.00

Sautéed soybean with chili garlic sauce


A3. Egg Roll (6 pcs)                                                                                                                       8.00

Crispy roll stuffed with mixed vegetable and glass noodle, served with sweet & sour sauce


A4. Satay (chicken 5 pcs or tofu 6 pcs)                                                                                     11.00

Grilled chicken or tofu on skewer marinated serves with peanut sauce and cucumber salad


A5.  Crab Rangoon (6 pcs)                                                                                                          10.00

Fried wonton stuffed with crab meat and cream cheese served with sweet & sour sauce


A6. Mummy Shrimp (6 pcs)                                                                                                         10.00

Marinated shrimp wrapping with egg noodle, served with sweet & sour sauce


A7. Fried Calamari                                                                                                                        11.00

Lightly battered calamari served with Thai chili, lime sauce, and sweet and sour sauce


A8. Gyoza (6 pcs)                                                                                                                         10.00

Japanese chicken dumpling pan fried served with sweet soy dipping sauce


A9. Fresh roll (Shrimp or tofu)                                                                                                    10.00

Rice paper wrap with mix green, mint, cilantro, fresh basil, cucumber, carrot, and Thai rice noodle served with peanut sauce and Thai chili lime sauce


A10. Fresh roll (Avocado)                                                                                                          10.00

Rice paper wrap with carrot, ginger and fresh basil, served with sweet & sour sauce and topped with crushed peanuts.


A11. Fried Tofu                                                                                                                               8.00

Deep fried tofu, served with sweet & sour sauce and topped with crushed peanuts


A12. Crispy Triangle                                                                                                                     11.00

Deep fried golden triangle stuffed with ground chicken, yellow curry powder, onion, and potatoes served with sweet & sour sauce


A13. Shrimp Cake                                                                                                                         13.00

Traditional Thai style shrimp cake battered in bread crumbs, served with sweet & sour sauce


A14. Curry Roti (Yellow, Green, Red)                                                                                           9.00

Japanese crap, served with curry sauce.


A15. Wrap Lover (Chicken or Tofu)                                                                                            11.00

A buttery flat bread with chicken or tofu sautéed with mango, cashew nut and basil.


A16. Combo Platter                                                                                                                      15.00

Mummy Shrimp (2), Crab Rangoon (3), Egg Roll (3), Crispy Triangle (3), served with sweet & sour sauce



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