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S6. Yum Thai Salad    9.50

Mixed fresh green salad, tofu,cucumber, tomato and carrot. Served with basil dressing topped with ground peanut.


S7. Crystal Noodles Salad 10.50

Crystal noodles, shrimps, ground chicken, onion, mixed with lime dressing.


S8. Thai Seafood Salad  13.50

The great combination of shrimp, sea scallops, fish, calamari doused in a herb, tomato and lime dressing.


S9. Larb Salad

Chicken or Tofu  10.50

Chopped chicken boiled to perfection then mixed in a mixture  of chili, mint leave, rice powder, sliced red onion and lime dressing.


S10. Grilled Beef Salad  11.50

Grilled tender beef with cucumber and tomatoes, lettuce, red onion in a superb herb and lime dressing.


S11. Indochine Garden Salad Chicken or Tofu  10.50

A house favorite bursting with color and flavor. Served with sweet pineapple and mango in a creamy peanut dressing.


S12. Mango Salad 11.50

Thai style frilled mango, shrimps, carrots, red onion mixed with lime dressing topped with cashew nut.


S13. Eggplant Salad 12.95

Eggplant is quite a ‘meaty’ vegetable, blend of spicy, sweet and sour taste harmoniously add gound chicken & shrimp will make them perfect dish.

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