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Served with steam rice, substitute brown rice add $1.00


CS1. Traditional Cashew Prawns  15.95

Lightly battered prawn tossed with water chestnuts, grilled  spicy chili, onion.  All combined and caramalized with a flavorful homemade sauce.


CS2. Honey Glazed Walnut Prawns  15.95

Mouth watering prawns battered, served in a crispy basket with honey glazed walnuts and sweet pineapple.


CS3. Crispy Fish 15.95

Delectably moist fish dipped in a golden batter and filleted lightly crispy. Topped with vegetables sautéed in your choice of ginger & basil sauce, basil curry sauce or three flavor sauce.


CS4. Seafood Nest  16.95

A crispy noodle basket over flowing with fresh vegetables, prawn, scallops, calamari and fillet of fish sautéed in our  house garlic sauce.


CS5. Snow Pea & Almond

Chicken  12.95

Fresh sweet snow peas, carrot, roasted almonds and water chestnuts in a garlic sauce.


CS6. Garlic Beans

Chicken or Tofu  12.95

Crisp green beans in a scrumptious garlic sauce.


CS7.  Grilled Lemongrass

Chicken 12.95

Irresistibly delicious. Barbecued chicken marinated with lemongrass, curry and creamy coconut milk, delicately grilled. Served with a rich peanut sauce.


CS8.  Crispy Lemongrass Fish     Market Price

Chef’s selection of fish deep fried to perfection, topped with crispy lemongrass sautéed in the blend of honey and tamarind sauce.


CS9. Crispy Fish w/ Green Mango 16.95

Delectably moist fish dipped in a golden batter and filleted lightly crispy. Topped with green mango mixed with delicious sauce, red onion and cashew nut. Served with steamed white rice


CS10. Phad Phong Curry Talay 17.95

(Perfect Seafood ) Prawns, crab claw, fish filleted, sea scallop and calamari. Delicious Thai favorite, combining stir fried seafood with chili paste,  eggs, red bell pepper, sweet onion, celery and green onion. Server with steam rice. Lightly spicy.


CS11. Chili Pastes Soft Shell Crabs 15.95

2 Soft Shell Crabs Dipped lightly crispy in a homemade chili paste, onion, red bell peppers. Bed of spinach and carrots. (Easy spicy)


CS12. Lime Steamed Fish  17.95

White meat fish fillet bed of spinach, napa, lettuce and carrots. Steamed in home made garlic lime sauce. (Spicy request)


CS13. Royal Thai Tofu 15.95

Lightly battered soft tofu, over delicious chef special gravy. Accompanied with shrimp, ground chicken, pea-carrots, baby corn and mushroom.


CS14. Chili Paste Clams  15.95

16 oz. of hard shell Clams, stir fried with homemade chili pastes, sweet onion, bell pepper and sweet basil. ( Easy spicy)

Please specify your desired spice level:

*Mild, **Medium, ***Hot


Price may vary

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